Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Missive! A Missive!

A discovery made by Hagen, while examining the records of the local temple of Erathis.

Over the last few days you've been digging through the scroll and records room in the back of the Temple of Erathis with Edward Biggins. The majority of them have been terribly dry records of the goings-on in town over the last hundred years. However, it was just last night, on the 26th of Summer, that you found something before you intended to retire.

An old piece of paper, carelessly discarded below one of the racks, reads:

"Brother Arthur,

I am glad that the city serves you well. It has been some time since I have seen the dirt and swell of civilization, and I should like soon to visit you and perhaps the rest of the Empire as well. I should certainly love to know again the bustle of a city, the clanging of the blacksmith, and the warm embrace of a woman. My time at the monastery has been enlightening, but I would like to leave it and this forest behind.

Unfortunately, I fear that such a time does not draw close. The creatures of the forest make greater incursion on our monastery, and we have had to spent so much time exorcising the rats and wolves from our grounds that there is little time for Pelor. Our rituals consume much of our time, and I have long since stopped attempting to translate everything we have unearthed from this place.

We have even recently sighted the lifeless undead in the area! The other day Brother Milan struck down one walking corpse while on his morning stroll. We must see to those obelisks surrounding the Fell Wood; it appears that some of the borders may be failing. We may require your assistance over the coming weeks, should the incursion grow stronger.

Beloved brother, may the light of Pelor shine down on you and keep you safe. I sincerely hope that all is well at the Fort, and that we will see each other soon. I look forward to your prompt reply.

By Pelor's Light,
Brother Lucian"

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