Sunday, June 21, 2009

The First Venture into the Boar Woods and Beyond: Tornir's Version

Death has yet again eluded me. After arriving in Fort Balasar, I met another Dwarf, a Keeper of Ioun named Hagen, as well as a Half-Orc named Hod and his Gnome "brother", Smiley. Hagen had aquired some information about a site known only as the Gnarled Tree. He proposed an expedition and I agreed to accompany them. We marched north, towards the river, and encountered a pair of boars. They proved unworthy. When we finally reached the river, we discovered a broken bridge, clearly of Dwarven make. I must investigate the Dwarven influence on the area further. Across the river, we were attacked by a small party of goblins. They, too, proved unworthy. We captured one of the creatures, but found ourselves unable to communicate with it. After spending the night in an abandoned watchtower, we returned to the Fort. I wait, ready for the next expedition. I will find a worthy foe somewhere in this damned wilderness. May Kord guide my hand and the Raven Queen watch over my soul.

Tornir Trollslayer

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