Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Introduction

Welcome! This is the blog that will be used to publish the adventure summaries posted by players in the Reed College summer 2009 West Marches campaign. This is a DnD 4e campaign modeled on Ben Robbins' post on his blog, ars ludi.

Essentially, each session/adventure is one parties' venture into the wilderness surrounding Fort Balasar, the edge of civilization. The posts I will be publishing here are the character's own exaggerated story told to the others in the bar, The One-Eyed Hag. There is no constant party, but instead a large pool of players that band together as they attempt to make the wilderness safe for civilization.

Each of these stories is a treasure; it not only encapsulates the adventure, but also the character's perspective. In the process of writing these, the players create a personal voice for their character, making them real. Eventually, I would hope that this blog comes to include the personal stories the characters tell, in addition to those of their exploits.

Enjoy them; I have certainly loved making them possible.

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