Sunday, June 21, 2009

Further Adventures North: Perrin's Account

So I headed out with a few guys the day after I got into town. Two high elves and dwarf... Hauk was the dwarf, damned if I remember them elve's names, I hardly even saw their faces, them being so tall and all. Anyways, we headed out north, made it seven, eight miles before we got set on by seven goblins. It didn't look so good for a while, but we sorted them out. Nothing notable, but they were carrying some imperial armor and weapons, which wasn't great. As we rested I shot and killed a deer. I got a hide out of it and we had some venison for lunch.

While eating we heard some noises off west and went to investigate - we ended up having to run from three rage drakes, but they were distracted by the deer hide after I dropped it. We made it to the river without further incident, and crossed via the bridge that the barkeep told us about. From there we chose to set off towards a large, dead tree to the north-northwest. On the way we ran into the aftermath of a kobold-goblin battle, and fought off a couple of kobolds with drakes, taking some damage, but surviving whole. We continued to the tree.

Near to it we found a field of forest creatures mangled and impaled on stakes. These surround the entrance to a cave inhabited by a wild woman who lives with at least four large wolves, who hunt with her (we witnessed the hunt of a boar). Because the day was late and we were tired, we chose not to confront the woman and returned to town without further incident.

Perrin Blacktorrent

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