Sunday, June 21, 2009

Further Adventures North: Sirocco's Story

Hauk and I arrived at this downtrodden fort this morning. We decided it would be a good idea not to dilly-dally, so we headed straight for the bar at the One-Eyed Hag, the inn in town. Once we had roused the barman, we started playing cards and going pint for pint. Needless to say, I got a little sloshed. Dwarves are small, but they sure can hold their liquor. We were joined by two others a bit later: Phinneas and Perrin. Phinneas, an Eladrin cleric, who made it abundantly clear that he had just arrived from the Feywild, seemed hesitant to join our party at first, but eventually he decided to tag along. Hauk tends to get a little headstrong, and I knew the healing words of a cleric would not go unutilized, so we were glad to have him along. The Halfling, Perrin, was much more excited to venture with us, and we figured that such a little guy could only cause a little trouble, so we allowed it.

We headed out early in the morning to the Northwest, looking for the abandoned fort Balthasar had told us about. We quickly found ourselves outnumbered by goblins (a trend?), and we were still getting the sand out of our eyes as we first tried to strike them. We had all missed, and Hauk was the focus of their counterattack. A couple of healing words from Phinneas and a few sneak-attack liver-shots from my sword, and they were quickly vanquished.

We ran into three dragon-like beasts next, and we decided to make a run for it. We escaped easily when we remembered that Perrin was still holding onto a deer hide that he had slain with his longbow. The fresh meat was a good diversion.

We circled around North again, crossed the good bridge over the Red River, and we spotted the gnarled tree, and heard the ominous wailing. We also found the same outpost that the previous party had found. We decided to see what was up with the tree, and on our way we saw some kobolds with their mounts who were investigating the remains of a kobold-goblin battle. We tried to sneak up on them, but we were found out. Their mounts, drakes, had bites to match their barks. We made short work of them, though.

We finally got to the gnarled tree just before nightfall, and it turned out there was a cave leading back into the rocks. The womanly screams were clearly coming from the cave. A boar appeared out of nowhere, and we waited to see what would happen. The woman appeared, old and in ragged clothes, surrounded by wolves. They made their attack on the boar, and we took that opportunity to make our escape.

We made it back home without further incident, and immediately took our rest.

Sirocco Woodbone

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