Sunday, June 21, 2009

The First Venture into the Boar Woods and Beyond: Hod's Version

My brother and I have been traveling far past where our family usually goes for some time now, but apparently there aren't any more towns after this one, so we've stopped here for a while. There haven't been many travelers around here for some time, and the Empire hasn't paid any attention to this outpost for some.

Anyways, we went out for a walk with some other people, Hagen and Tornir, and wandered into the Boar Woods, 'cause we were looking for the Tree an old traveler had left marked on the map for us. Hagen stepped in some boar shit, and then I saw two boars rooting around in a small clearing. They charged us after Tornir yelled at them, and we killed them dead. Then I skinned one of them and left the other for later. We kept going, and found a pair of bridges, with an old broken one and a newer not-broken one. Crossing the not-broken one, we were attacked by some Goblins. We killed them, and I chased down the one that tried to run away.

We carried it back to town with us after spending the night in the abandoned watchtower on the North side of the river. We hoped that maybe someone spoke goblin, so that we could interrogate it, but when we showed it to him, Balasar killed it instead. I gave one of the boar skins to Arty Bartford, and now it is up on his wall.

Hod Facehammer

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